Starboard Carve IQ Carbon 131 2018

The CarveIQs are pure freeride boards that merge the AtomIQs and the Carve into one.
Starboard Carve IQ Carbon-2018
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PLUG AND PLAY FREERIDE The CarveIQs are pure freeride boards that merge the AtomIQs and the Carve into one. The three smaller sizes are slim, thin and compact, replacing the AtomIQs. More aggressive, maneuverable boards with an exciting, connected feel and a very fast ride. Compared to the AtomIQs, they’re shorter, with a wider tail and a new bottom shape. The three larger sizes are longer and more stable, designed with plug-and-play philosophy. Maximum performance with minimum fuss. They replace the Carves. Compared to the Carves, they’re also shorter, with a new bottom shape but the same long, flat rocker profiles to get going easily. Available in our new Carbon L.C.F. technology, as well as Flax Balsa and 3DX. EXTRA-SHORT OUTLINES The CarveIQ 104, 114 and 124 are extra-short for more control in high winds, making them more reactive and maneuverable. The tails are wider than last year, making them more stable at speed with power to go upwind; a wider wind range overall. SQUASH NOSE The three larger sizes (131, 141 and 151) are designed for easy planing. They are longer, with smooth profiles that glide onto the plane effortlessly. For 2018, the squash nose aims to reduce dead weight at the tip of the nose without affecting the ease of getting planing. As a result, the boards have more high wind control and feel more reactive. WHY THIN? The CarveIQs are all designed with a thin profile, a Starboard innovation first introduced in 2010. A thin profile lowers the board's center of gravity, making the board more sporty, more stable, more controlled and more reactive. BOTTOM SHAPE We've added more Vee throughout the board to improve the jibing qualities and make the CarveIQs smoother across rough, choppy conditions. WIDER TAILS The wider tails help make the board more stable at speed, with more power to go upwind. All CarveIQs use a Tuttle Box for a strong and reliable fitting of the fin. CUT-AWAYS The CarveIQs feature cut-aways that reduce drag created by the wider tail. They give the CarveIQs their high top speed and ability to quickly accelerate. FREERIDE POWER FIN The CarveIQs are delivered with our Drake Freeride Power CNC G-10 fins, that have a thin tip for speed and control. The upright rake and thicker base of these fins provide maximum stability and traction. CARBON L.C.F. The CarveIQs are available in our new carbon construction designed for the lightest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint. At 86 kg of CO2 emissions for a 117 liter board, Carbon L.C.F. is our most environmentally-friendly board yet, using bio resin and our exclusive end-grain Balsa sandwich core.
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