Starboard Wide Point 2018 Starlite

10’5” offers quick glide with fast entry into waves and more reactive turning. 32” width provides good balance and stability for cruising and surf. Pulled in nose and tail outline for maximum speed. Easy entry into smaller waves.
Starboard Wide Point 2018 Starlite
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STARBOARD TOURING 10’5 WIDE POINT STARLITE TEST REVIEW Verdict: Newly revamped for 2018, this year’s 10’5 Wide Point has yet again been sharpened up for more performance. This board now has a boarder appeal, new rocker line, narrower nose and tail which gives this accessible all-rounder a new lease of life. The Starboard is a very capable board at home dropping into bigger waves piloted by bigger riders and it’s also nimble and throw around-able in smaller stuff. Well enjoyed by all on our test team. Overview: Moving on from last year’s plain matt blue, the two tone Starlite featured the narrowest nose and tail on test with the most nose rocker too. On deck the pad runs through to a kick pad and centre spine in the tail. There’s a large ledge handle set into the very flat wide deck in the centre of the board. New, tough, paintless rails and underneath the bottom shape runs through to a large vee in the centre and back to the tail. The fins supplied were a Bio resin centre with plastic FCS sides. Performance: What we like about Starboard is the way they don’t just stick with what’s on the shelf, they’re always moving forward and the new 10’5 Wide Point is a good step on.The new narrower nose with lots of rocker was the easiest to paddle out though the surf and was a pleasure to drop into steeper waves with too. It’s wide flat deck made the board easy and stable to stand on, it’s volume is packed more into the centre this year. The narrow tail is more drawn out giving a secure grippy bottom turn on the wave. The massive vee through the centre and tail made this (the widest board) feel easy to throw from rail to rail. We enjoyed the versatile feel either on the flat or in the chunky waves and in the slopey tiddlers too, it really was a very good all-rounder. Starboard have raised their game this year to bring you a really great allrounder, it’s stiff, stable, and the rails feel very tough. It surfs just about in any conditions and flatters your riding style and also feels nimble on the water. Needless to say we really liked the quality all roundness of this versatile hard board, go and try one, you’ll sell your inflatable in a heartbeat.
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