Sunova ACID

Sunova ACID
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THE ACID is the about Performance all the way. NO compromises! Any move you do on a standard surfboard do them with this board. The outline fits in more powerful waves, with lots of tail rocker and supported by the hip in the tail.

Speed, power, and all movability you need. Rule the powerful wave with this board.


When we designed the ACID we wanted to create a board without compromise for performance. For perfect, powerful, sucky waves.

Bert worked on a shape with a history from his days roaming the wave in Western Australia. The extreme flyer or hip was a magic ingredient for him and it had to have very refined and thin rails as well as tail and nose. 

It turned out well above expectation and still remains our most high performance shortboard in the range. Continuously refined.

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Merk Sunova
Jaar 2018
Type Wave
Lengte 15'0"
Materiaal Carbon
Kleur Beige
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