Sunova Speeed

Sunova Speeed
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THE SPEEED is really almost like 2 separate boards. With its super straight outline it’s made to fly. It picks up speed incredibly easy. But the tail is radically narrow and basically allows the rider to throw the board around on pure thought! It’s amazing how this is even possible.

One of the most versatile shapes in our range and in general...

Definitely its the most sold SUNOVA board, ever!

When we designed the SPEEED a few years back the Minions and other square nose boards were just starting, not even reaching it's coolness peak. Have always liked the crazy look and there were so many people asking us about them. 

I (marketing department talking...) spoke with Bert about it and said, "Hey, we need this!". Bert replied in proper Bert-style, "Hah, it's shit. Doesn't work! I ain't making square boxes and try selling it to people, because it's trendy for a month...". I (the marketing department) said, "YES, it's trendy and so we need to make it. Looks cool too. Something different. So, IF you don't believe in squares and don't think those can work, THEN DESIGN A PROPER BURGER VERSION, AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A SQUARE!!!". "Fucking Marketing Bullshit!", I still heard him mutter, before he started on it. The rest is HISTORY!!! 

Well done all you cool people out there. Here is a cool board that works like it's on Autopilot, for Anyone's skills, in EVERY condition!!! I'd like to say it surprised the hell out of Bert too! Hahahahaha. Proper Marketing Bullshit...

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Merk Sunova
Jaar 2018
Type Wave
Materiaal Hout
Kleur Beige
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